ADvancing Care

ADvancing Care is a newsletter for people who work in nursing homes and other residential care settings, and for the families and friends of those who live there. Anyone who is interested in receiving this free newsletter via email, please click here. Current Issue - Summer 2017 Living with Dementia in Residential Care: Care Planning for Comfort Nursing homes use the MDS (Minimum Data Set) assessment form to assess care needs, as the basis for the care plan that is developed for each resident. As part of this assessment, staff are asked whether a resident (1) resists care; (2) has “verbal beha [...]

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Publications & Newsletters

Current Newsletter - Fall 2017 It is not unusual for caregivers to be reluctant to disclose the diagnosis to friends and family. They may think people won’t want to socialize with them if they know. But they do know, and those who care about her would probably be more supportive if they could discuss it, rather than everyone pretending nothing has changed. Spouse or partner caregivers, who may have been used to confiding in their husbands or wives, may feel especially lonely when that seems no longer possible. Adult children, who may have thought their parents were fine on their own will have [...]

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Palliative Care

Announcing the launch of Palliative Care for People with Dementia Guidelines! We are making a meaningful contribution to the improvement of residential care for persons with dementia. In the future we will continue to imbed the principles of palliative care in our work supporting persons with the disease, their family members and professional caregivers. Download PDF CaringKind's Palliative Care for Advanced Dementia: Training and Implementation, addresses the need for improving the quality-of-life and care for residents diagnosed with advanced dementia who live in nursing homes, through a p [...]

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